Agnes Beverley Burton  (1892-1967)

Born in East Anglia, Agnes Beverley Burton came to Abergavenny with her husband, Malcolm, in 1931 when he began his dental practice at Rother House in Nevill Street.  She was educated in St Edmondsbury and Norfolk and was encouraged in the early study of art by Mr Horace Tuck (1876-51) who became the vice-principal of the Norfolk School of Art where she attended.

The Abergavenny Art Group was founded in April 1937 by Mrs Agnes Beverley Burton together with Miss Grace Gethin-Davies, Headmistress of Abergavenny County High School for Girls, and Mr and Mrs Bulman who taught science at King Henry VIII Grammar School in Abergavenny. Their purpose was to provide an opportunity for young people to continue art activities after leaving school.

She is remembered as saying, "Children had a little art tuition at school, but when they left it was like having a door slammed in their faces, so the art group was founded as a sort of missionary effort among the young."  

She was a  diminutive woman, but energetic and practical.  She was described by someone as "the queen bee in a hive of paint daubing activity”.  She was strong minded and a force to be reckoned with, slightly intimidating, but dedicated to art and a very talented painter, happy to use a number of different media.

As well as the practical sessions the Art Group ran courses in Art history and hosted artists who gave demonstrations. There were regular exhibitions held at many different venues around Abergavenny.  In the early days the group would meet in Llanfoist and then in Castle Street, Abergavenny, until in 1962 when they moved to meet in a building in Nevill Street owned by Mrs Beverley Burton. 

She was President of the Abergavenny Art Group from 1937 to 1950 and died in 1967.


A Welsh valley's industrial town (c)

lamb and flag
The Lamb and Flag

tudor street 2
Tudor Street, Abergavenny  (c)
Agnes Beverley Burton
A self portrait of her painting in her studio. (c)

mining village
Farmhouse and spoil tips

tudor street
  A view of Tudor Street

The artists' model  (c)

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