Abergavenny Art Group

window To advertise their annual summer exhibition the Art Group usually displays a selection of their members' work in the window at High Cross in Abergavenny town centre. 

To contact the Abergavenny Art Group telephone John Hurst on 01873 854440.

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To download a membership form, click on this image.

The Officers of the Art Group are:

President: vacant
Chairman: Sarah Hoddy
Vice Chairman: Jean Prandy
Hon. Treasurer: Lavinia O'Brien (851356)
Secretary: John Hurst (854440)
Programme Organiser: vacant
Social Media Secretary: Andrea Jackman (07915 860831)
Press Officer: Katherine Jordan

Other Committee Members are:

Olwyn Pugh,
David Harrison, Ralph Herron.

Committee Helpers

Clive Gilbertson, Kay Lawrence, Mary James

Next Annual General Meeting

At 7:30pm at the Abergavenny Community Centre on 14th May 2018.

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Contacting the Artists:

contactIf you wish to contact any of the artists listed on this website, their contact details are normally provided on their individual page.  If not, then please send your details and the name of the artist you wish to contact to:

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