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Hello and welcome to this web-site.

John Hurst has been keen on art since he was in school where he was inspired by his art teacher "Dago" Davies. Although he studied art at A-level his destiny was not with art school ; it lay elsewhere. "But I have always had this passion for painting and it wasn't really until I'd retired several years ago that I was able to get seriously involved with the paints!" he says.

"They advise that, when you're planning to retire, you nurture some hobbies in readiness for the day that you wake up, get up, and don't have to drive to work." So in John's case some of his promises to himself were to read for enjoyment, and to paint for enjoyment too!

John explains, "So it was out with the paints, brushes and canvas. I enrolled on several of the WEA courses and they were very beneficial for they kept me to a routine, a programme of work, and yet allowed me to experiment with various media and styles to help develop my own style. But I don't believe that it stops there because your style is always developing - developing to meet each new challenge."


On this web-site numerous bits and pieces of John's work are displayed, sometimes with explanations of what and why. He hopes that perhaps you'll like some of the pieces of work - and more importantly that perhaps you'll be inspired to have a go too. He says. "At times, painting can be exasperating, but when it comes together nicely, it's very rewarding! And I try to keep the site up-to-date with recent paintings, so call back from time to time."


John explains, " I did have a dabble with oil paints for a while. I found them frustrating because they didn't dry quickly enough for me and I ended up making a muddy mess. Then I ventured to try acrylics - what a difference! They work just like oils but dry quite quickly and I found that the muddy mess was gone. The techniques you can use are varied and with some of the ticker acrylics they behave and work just like oil paints."

Accordingly the majority of the work that you will see of this web-site is done in acrylic paints. " Perhaps I will have a diversion into oils once again, but for the moment I'm sticking with acrylics - they suit me down to the ground."

Introduction to the site
The site comprises several galleries of my work and you are free to browse through each of the galleries or by choosing the type of work eg. portraits.

Should you wish to contact me, email me at


He has his studio at the Artworkhouse, Abergavenny, where several other artists also have their studios.


John is a member of Abergavenny Art Group and has exhibited for a number of years at their annual Exhibition. In addition he has exhibited several pieces of work at the Artworkhouse Gallery in Abergavenny and participated in the Open Studios and Galleries, Art Trail 2012 and 2013.

Paintings for sale

Generally all of the paintings are for sale unless of course they have already been sold. Please e-mail me regarding any painting if you have an interest.

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