Malcolm Meadows


malcolm meadowsMalcolm was born in Wales and during his early years he attended school in Abergavenny.  He later gained a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Wales.

He has always had a keen interest in Art, History and Music.  His work has taken him to many parts of Britain before returning to Abergavenny to work in a local hospital.

Following his retirement he has been able to develop his interest in Music and Art to give illustrated lectures to inform and entertain mixed groups of people such as Rotary clubs, U3A, Probus, Church groups, WI’s, and Art groups including Abergavenny Art Group.

For the past 3 years he has given presentations on Cruise ships sailing to destinations from Tahiti to St Petersburg, Cape Verde and the Canaries to Scandinavia.

About his talks...

They are all PowerPoint presentations lasting between 45 to 60 minutes and the music presentations he calls “Images to Music”. Most of the music subjects centre around the “Life and Music of….” But there is a fascinating group of Music and Dance around the World. The emphasis is always one of entertainment.

He considers them to be visually stunning and the feedback afterwards always comments on the amazing collection of images. Visually the Art Presentations are of course well illustrated, but often he tries to incorporate little musical interludes to accompany the paintings.

He has his own equipment, laptop, projector and sound so the only requirement is a reasonable sized screen, or a white wall, and a table on which to position them. He is happy to use any compatible equipment from a memory stick if this is an option.


The fee for an average group of up to 50 is £40 with a discount for smaller groups within reasonable travelling distance of Abergavenny.

Larger groups from 50-150 and beyond, by negotiation, with a ceiling of £75. A large percentage of his fee is used to support three or four of his chosen charities. Travelling expenses are calculated at a rate of 25p per mile outside a radius of 20 miles from Abergavenny.


If you require further information on any of Malcolm's talks please do not hesitate to contact him by email on:


Some of his lectures on Art

An introduction to Gothic Art
Between 1140 and 1400 a vast quantity of very fine paintings, stained glass, sculpture, manuscript illuminations and tapestries were produced. These together with the splendour of the great Gothic cathedrals opened a new chapter in the history of art, which marked the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and the beginning of secular painting. This lecture explores examples of the many achievements produced during this time

sisley bridgeAlfred Sisley and The French Impressionists
One of the greatest landscape painters of the 19th Century and a prominent figure in the Impressionist movement. Born of English parents, he spent most of his life in France. The lecture includes many examples of his work in France together with a collection of his paintings from his visits to England and Wales.

dali shipSalvador Dali and Surrealism
Salvador Dali is perhaps the most universally famous and popular artist of the 20th Century. This is born not only out of his ability as an artist, he was an extraordinarily gifted painter technically, a brilliant draughtsman, but also as fluent in words as he was in paint. This lecture will illustrate a collection of his paintings, aspects from his life, and collaboration with other artists.

chagall soldiersMarc Chagall and Russian art of the early 20th Century.
He was a painter printmaker and designer associated with several major artistic styles, synthesizing elements of Cubism, Symbolism and Fauvism. Chagall created works in nearly every artistic medium, including sets for plays and ballets, biblical etchings, and stained-glass windows. This lecture provides a fascinating introduction to this versatile and exuberant genius and religious artist,

Art and Architecture of the Baroque Era
In fine art, the term Baroque describes a fairly complex idiom, originating in Rome, which flowered during the period c.1590-1720, and which embraced painting, and sculpture as well as architecture. This presentation explores the work of artists such as Rubens, Caravaggio, Velasquez, and Rembrandt and sculptures by Bernini and Pierre Puget, together with architects of the period.

Life and Architecture of Antoni Gaudi.
An exploration of his exciting domestic architecture in Barcelona and the Park Guell together with his lifelong passion, the Sagrada Familia. The presentation is fully illustrated with stunning images of his work.

History Presentations

A History of the London Theatres
The Theatre in London flourished after the English Reformation.
This presentation explores the history of the theatre in London from Shakespeare to the present day, and is fully illustrated with images displaying the sumptuous interiors of these “Theatres of Dreams”

"World War 1 at Sea and the Sinking of the Lusitania"
A brief history of the war at sea and a detailed account of the sinking of the Lusitania on the 7th May 1915.

"Poets of the Great War"
A poignant account of the Great War as seen through the eyes of the War Poets including
readings of poems by Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen, Robert Graves and several more to include images and an overview of some of the significant battles, ending with a visit to the major War Memorials and ending with the Last Post from the Menin Gate.

The Role of Women in World War 1
Life for women changed dramatically during the war because so many men were away fighting. Many women took paid jobs outside the home for the first time. By 1918 there were five million women working in Britain. This talk deals with the emotional and practical aspects of the role of women at a time of crisis, all the time waiting for “news from the front”

Classical Music titles include:

Music of the Baroque Era : 1600 - 1750
Part 1. Allegri to Vivaldi
Part 2. J.S Bach and George F. Handel

Life and Music of Haydn 1732 – 1809
Part 1. Symphonies and Concertos
Part 2. Chamber music, keyboard and Choral

Life and music of Chopin 1810 - 1849.

Life & music of Tchaikovsky 1840 -1893
Part 1. The early years 1840-1878 
Part 2. Later years 1878-1893

Life & music of Debussy 1862 – 1918

Life and music of Sibelius 1865 - 1957

Life and music of Grieg 1843 – 1907

The Life and Music of Sir William Walton

Music from Around the World.

A History of Dances from Around the World