Olly Bryan

Olly was born in Abergavenny and has lived much of his life in the area except for stints in different places around the world.  A self taught painter he says, "I paint whilst listening to music in a semi dazed consciousness so that the painting can take hold and grow with a life of its own, occasionally possessing figures and shapes which I try to embellish - I want the painting to possess a visceral mystery that comes from a tribal instinct that I know nothing about but is there."

a small card


dysfunctional clockDysfunctional Clockwork
120cm x 100cm
Teak Oil, Linseed Oil, Acrylic, Oil on canvas.

The Black Inn
100cm x 50cm
 Non drip gloss and emulsion on canvas
black inn

bone jungle

Jungle of Bones
120 x 100cm
Mixed media on canvas.

wishing well

Wishing Well
150 x 100cm
Mixed media on canvas
150cm x 100cm
 Acrylic, Gloss, Emulsion on canvas

80 x 60cm
Acrylic on canvas

CIEEE (Circus/Carnival)
120cm x 100cm
Oil, Non Drip gloss and Acrylic on canvas

gung fu
Gung Fu
120cm x 100cm
Linseed Oil, Oil, and Emulsion on canvas