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hurst new normalThe Covid-19 virus has meant that we have had to curtail much of the planned activities involving talks, meetings and demonstrations for 2020 and early 2021. Members have been encouraged to use their creativeness to  fill the hours and days of enforced isolation. 

However, circumstances have begun to change with the gradual reopening of venues.  The Art Group understands that Abergavenny Community Centre will reopen in mid-May 2021 and this allows a Programme of events to be planned for the remaining part of 2021 and into 2022.  There may be some restrictions (eg masks, numbers of people, social distancing etc) that we'll be required to follow.

The proposed Programme of events can be viewed by clicking here.

The above painting is entitled "A New Normal" and was painted by John Hurst as part of the Monthly Challenge which will continue for as long as necessary. 

jordan seascapeAbergavenny Art group celebrated its 80th year in 2017.  It always welcomes new members!  Under normal circumstances, we meet twice monthly on a Monday evening and if you appreciate art, we think you should join us.

Our group of community artists meet to work together and critique each others work.  The mutual support and encouragement given has seen this group grow and their skills increase.

The above painting is by Katherine Jordan and is titled Beachscene after Ken Howard. The painting appearing below is called Aspects of Orsay by John Hurst.

OrsayOur members are like minded people who get together to discuss their work and exchange advice and tips, professional artists who want to encourage and help others develop their skills, amateur artists who want to improve their skills, and beginners who want to learn to paint, draw or express their ideas on canvas.  We have an extensive and interesting library of art books, videos and DVDs.  Our reading and video libraries will enable you to improve your work and learn new skills in the quiet of your own home.

If you live in Abergavenny or the neighbouring towns of Govilon, Llanellen, Blaenavon, Brynmawr, Blaina, Gilwern, or Crickhowell, why not come along for a visit and watch us work. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional artist.  We are a friendly bunch of people and welcome all ages.  Details of our programme of events are given.

jantien powellThe Art Group's Programme of events includes talks and demonstrations in various media.  Jantien Powell (left) gave a demonstration on including figures into landscapes.  Wood sculptor Neil Gow has given a presentation about his many pieces of work utilising tools from chain saws to chisels.

We have a yearly exhibition of the paintings and artwork of our members.  Entrance to view the exhibition is free.

There's something for you!

Whether you like to do watercolours, acrylics, oil painting, pastels, encaustic wax. sketching, multi-media or perhaps you just like art, there is something for everyone.  For details of how you can contact the Art Group click here.

market stallAbergavenny Art Group usually has a stall at the Art and Craft fairs in Abergavenny Market.  They are held every month (on the second Thursday) between April and December. Come along and see the many stalls in the market.  If you are interested in joining in, contact info@abergavennyartists.co.uk

80 years old and counting !

historyThe Abergavenny Art Group was founded in 1937 and has a unique history which you can read by clicking on this button.

We welcome your views

If you would like to leave feedback, seek information, please email  info@abergavennyartists.co.uk

The Art Group's New Constitution

At the Annual General Meeting of the Abergavenny Art Group (AAG) on 3rd August 2020 a new constitution for the AAG was adopted.  Its predecessor had been in existence since at least 2006 and it was felt that an up-to-date version was required.

To view the AAG's New Constitution click here.

Chairperson's Annual Report

The AGM is due to be held in late May 2021.  This Report will follow.


The Art Group's programme of events includes workshops where members and visitors can undertake their own art projects or follow one of the suggested themes.  Click on the above image to see the Programme of workshops and presentations.

Annual Exhibitions

entryformThe Art Group's  annual exhibition has been arranged for 31st July 2021 to 7th August 2021 at Trinity Church Hall, Baker Street.

For some images of the paintings that were on display at recent exhibitions  go to Gallery 7 and Gallery 9.

Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM took place in May 2021.  A new committee was elected and the details can be seen on the Contacts page.

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Visit our Page 3

page 3There is more information about the Art Group on our Page 3

New Members

We always welcome new members. We each have various levels of experience ranging from the absolute beginner to the professional who earn a living from their art.


The yearly membership costs  £30 which should be paid by the end of May each year. 

downloadClick here for a membership form.

Privacy Policy

PolicyData protection legislation requires that Members give consent to the Art Group holding and using his/her data.  Click on the above image to see the Policy.

Meetings and events

We hold lectures and events throughout the year, some of which will be open to the general public and advertised here.

We meet twice monthly on a Monday, alternating lectures with workshops at the Abergavenny Community Centre (the former Park St School) at either 2pm or 7pm. Visitors are welcome at £4 per session.

Brian WheelerAt one such evening Brian Wheeler (pictured) provided a demonstration of his pastel painting.

The lectures are interesting and inspiring with a chance to try out new skills and techniques at the workshops which are becoming increasingly popular.

Online Membership Application  2021-22

keyboardYou may apply online for membership of the Art Group by clicking on this image.

Members' Survey

surveyPlease would you undertake a short survey of your interests in art to help the Art Group fine tune its programme of events.  Click here to Participate in the Survey.

AAG Newsletters

Recent and backcopies of the Newsletter are available by choosing from the list:

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Find our artists

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Get away on a Painting Holiday?

holidayIf this is of some interest, visit Page 3 for a few suggestions.


iPad Art

finger figurative
Do you make art, sketches and drawings on your iPad or other tablet?  Melanie Davies does with her "finger figurative" pictured above. If you do, we'd be interested to see some of your work and know which app you use.

Contact us on:

Art Supplies

For details of Jackson's Art Supplies click on the above image.