Sarah Hoddy

Sarah grew up in the Home Counties UK and went to Grammar school there. "In those days," she says" you were a scientist or an artist, no chance of both!  I was a scientist." Therefore it was only in later life that she had the opportunity to take up art despite an early desire to discover more and see if an inherited trait from her family would bear fruit.

Her chosen career was as a nurse and for many years she worked in Intensive care. "This is a place where you see all sorts and shapes of life, and death, and I feel that my experience there still has an effect on my work today. I found time to make art my hobby, taking some courses in drawing and painting."

She had the opportunity to teach art to children up to the age of 16 years. This was a time, 8 years in all, that her skills in this field were honed and she was able to increase her background knowledge of the subject. She admits, "I enjoyed every minute of it!"

When she and her husband retired they went to live in the south of France. What an opportunity for an artist!?  "The light and the subject matter can make painting a full time occupation and a constant joy. I founded and lead a small art group over there for 14 years."  Having returned to the UK, she joined the Abergavenny Art Group and in 2017 she became Chairman of the Committee.

Her favourite artists: Caravaggio and David Hockney. "Both are artists that make you feel when you see their work, even if the feeling is one of shock! They are a constant inspiration to move forwards and embrace new methods and styles."


Llanover Gardens
Feeling Crabby

My Cat sat on the Mat


  Chateau de Duras

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